The Gravitas is a speaker system designed around the room in which it will perform. This one-of-a-kind system is fabricated - after - a review speaker setup and evaluation of the listening room, rendering to the client an experience like no other.

Experience sounds good.

Without it, reviews won’t convince the discerning audiophile that our speakers belong in their reference room. We perform a setup and evalution in your reference room before they’re built using our evaluation Gravitas System. Then you know what you can expect.

A Speaker without Setup is Like a Day without Sunshine

When you decide to own a worldclass speaker, you read the reivews, attend the shows, visit the dealers. You might even consider the advice given on forums. Perhaps you’ve heard them in a friend’s listening room, or even visited the factory. But do you really know what you’ve got until you get it home?

Let’s face it. You didn’t get where you are by relying solely on others’ advice.

In 2011, Luke Zitterkopf, Aluminous Audio speaker designer, began to ruminate on what makes a speaker good. As he gazed over the horizon of speakermania, from speaker design to reference room listening, he thought, wasn’t it odd that you never know for sure if a speaker is right for you until it is set up in your own personal reference room. It seemed backward to him for audiophiles to put the room and speaker placement last in the multi-faceted quest for the optimum listening experience.

Design the Experience, Not the Speaker

So, speaker designer Luke Zitterkopf and Mino Christante, product evaluator/assistant to Caelin Gabriel, of Shunyata Research, set upon an idea that made sense only to the most demanding customers: to design the speaker around clients’ reference rooms, by performing complete room evaluation and setup first - then - build the client’s unique speaker ‘system’ based on that experience. At first people thought they were crazy. But in the world of audiophile, unless you’re crazy you really don’t belong in the industry.

Popular wisdom dictates that if you trust speaker design to the most eminent technical minds, that you can get speakers that sound good no matter where you put them. Unfortunately, that isn’t true.

We feel that, until that Fat Lady shows up and sets up, those speakers aren’t worth a song.

there is something we feel you should know…

The Gravitas Speaker System is the only monitor speaker system in the world that hangs completely suspended in air, is fabricated of solid aluminum, and teams with its own unique pair of tuned subwoofers, allowing for the highest of flexibility in room setup. We individually fabricate each set, based on our clients’ wishes, after a review setup in the client’s system and listening location. Color and other accessories are then chosen by the client. When complete, we return to the client’s listening room for final delivery and setup. We do not manufacture speakers. We are a boutique speaker builder. We build and set up your Gravitas monitor subwoofer system as an all-in-one product-service.

To discuss how our speaker system improves your listening environment,

please reach out to Mino Christante at 360.930.9596.

Isolation. Vibration. When we built a better speaker, we also discovered how to get better sound using component feet.

Want to Get Your Feet Wet?

Whoever said that was a good idea? We jumped in with both feet. The design of the Gravitas Speaker System resulted from research in vibration and isolation. Along the way, we developed a technology of component supports for audio components which became the “Velvet” Isolation-Vibration-Component-Module, or IVCM, for short. Our customers call them the “Velvet-Mini” and the “Velvet-Reference.”

Starting out on the Right Foot

The Gravitas monitor speaker works with weight, suspended in air with a very high quality Kevlar. By inverting this design concept, we came up with a saddle that supports, isolates and manages vibration in a way that enhances sound performance of the supported component, whether speaker, amplifier, or transport. In fact, by using our component feet, the sound stage of your system is more fully realized, unfettered by micro-vibration. More breath, air, upper atmosphere, richer, more detailed soundstage and subtlety are words used to describe some of the qualities that your music will acquire when our component feet become part of your system.

We’ve played around with countless isolation devices over the years.  Never have we experienced such a stark improvement in sound than when we installed the Aluminous Audio IVCM modules under one of our turntables here. -NEEDLEDOCTOR.COM

IVCM Component

Isolation and Vibration are key to enhanced system performance. Pictured is the IVCM “Velvet Reference” support installed under the AYON Crossfire Amplifier.

Isolation | Vibration | Component | Module

By isolating the vibrations from environment and the sound system itself, our IVCM, or “Isolation Vibration Component Module,” provides a fundamental improvement to system performance without active involvement in changing the inherent character of your sound system.


“Velvet Mini Feet”

“ I found the sound to be precise and dimensional with a great sense of space…” - Jason Ressler, The Cable Company.

more technical information is available….

If you are interested in a white paper detailing how our IVCM component feet performed under test conditions, please contact Mino by email at mino@tante.us and he will send you a pdf.



Is there anything we can do to make your system sound better today? Mino Christante: US 360.994.9596.



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