Audio Shows - Where Do We Go From Here?

Here we are in 2019. If you are like we are, planning what shows to attend is part of your travel budget. There are the well known shows such as AXPONA and the RMAF show. AXPONA is a huge show and boasts relatively good sound from a hotel room. RMAF will be in a brand new location for 2019, which is a good move in our opinion. The old RMAF location was overdue for a move. Not to mention the location was more than 30 minutes away from the airport.

So what do you want to see for 2019? We would like to see the continued growth of AXPONA, and have it become a solid competitor to the Munich high end show. For small and medium size manufacturers such as us, we would like to see AXPONA be the primary worldwide show in the near future. Why? Because Munich is far too costly for any small company to attend. Additionally, the Munich show is really a industry show that serves distribution companies and dealerships. Small companies such as ours that do not use distribution and generally do not work with dealerships have no reason to exhibit at a show such the the Hi End Munich show. Our showroom at our location is our primary location for customers to visit and listen, and our loudspeakers end up in their own home after that!

Let us know your thoughts. What would you like to see for audio shows in 2019? Subscribe to our newsletter to receive email news and announcements for 2019. Happy listening!