We are happy to announce a new amplifier to arrive in our listening room. We have enjoyed the sound of amplifiers from Pass Labs in previous setups, so we thought let’s try something out of the ordinary.

We will be unboxing and setting up a FirstWatt F7 amplifier. Interesting, a $3,000 amplifier driving $48,000 loudspeakers. Why? To prove a point for any audio enthusiast. Small monitors, with a pair of self powered subwoofers, all being driven by a SONICALLY excellent amplifier such as the FirstWatt. The GRAVITAS monitors are 87db sensitivity, which is no problem for the FirstWatt. Massive power is not required for great sound, in fact it may hinder great sound in this mini monitor and powered subwoofer arrangement.

Unboxing and listening review comments to follow. Want to hear it for yourself? Book an appointment with us by email. LUKE@ALUMINOUSAUDIO.COM