Vibration is a primary culprit of distortion and poor sound quality in many listening rooms. Isolation with IVCM modules is the solution to reach much better sound quality. An explanation of the negative effects of vibration plaguing many systems can be explained in three sequential stages, along with why Isolation is necessary.

Three sequential stages plaguing many systems

  • STAGE ONE - Speaker vibration
  • STAGE TWO - Floor, wall and ceiling vibration leading to resonance
  • STAGE THREE - Audio components, cabling and vibration

STAGE ONE - Speaker Vibration

Speaker vibration is the leading source of distortion in many listening rooms,  It causes floor, wall and ceiling vibrations that lead to readily audible resonances, along with transferring vibration into cabling and audio components. Vibrating a cable produces a minute, yet audible signal that interferes with the original signal from the amplifier. As you can begin to see (or better yet, hear) the effects of speaker vibration in a listening room are very bad when audio fidelity is the goal.

Let us examine how a loudspeaker functions.. All types of  loudspeakers convert electrical energy into physical energy that we  hear and enjoy as soundwaves, The physical energy that is created at the loudspeaker is transferred into two physical mediums. One medium is into the air molecules that we enjoy as sound. The other physical medium is the loudspeaker's cabinet. As the physical energy is transferred into a speaker cabinet, some of the energy is dissipated in the cabinet itself. The remaining energy is transferred into the feet of the loudspeaker, and passed along into the floor in the form of vibration. Enter stage two.

STAGE TWO - Floor, Wall and Ceiling Vibration

The floor absorbs the remaining energy from the loudspeaker, and causes the floor material to vibrate along with the speaker cabinet. The louder the speakers are playing, the more the floor has an audible sound that is similar to the sound of a muffled echo. In some cases, the floor vibration is felt through your listening chair and in your feet. The floor is somewhat "singing along" with the loudspeakers. At realistic, lifelike sound levels, the floor is resonating to the point it begins to transfer vibrational energy to nearby walls. The walls then transfer some of the energy to the ceiling...you get the picture. Audible distortion is a big problem at this point. Which leads to stage three.

STAGE THREE - Audio Components, Cabling and Vibration

The floor, walls and ceiling are resonating. The floor has the worst of it, as the energy is pumped into the floor where the loudspeakers and subwoofers are placed. The equipment rack, cabling, or any device resting on the floor in close proximity to a loudspeaker or subwoofer is fighting a losing battle with vibration. Vibration in the floor is strong enough to be moderatly absorbed by the nearest device. The vibration interferes with the integrity of the source signal as it manifests itself as a slight feedback into wire. We are talking microvolts of feedback signal, but remember everything is being amplified to play the loudspeakers at 80db or greater. When a system is analog sourced, this negative effects of vibration are more severe due to the sensitive nature of cartridges, and the high level of gain required for a phonostage to produce. In both analog and digital sourced system, vibration induced feedback is audible. Installing  IVCM modules greatly reduces the vibration and resulting feedback in a system as the floor remains dead quiet and free from vibration. The sonic yield is tremendous. The physical noise floor is lowered, which lowers the noise floor of the source signal that is not contaminated from vibrations throughout the system chain.. Everything sounds more defined yet more relaxed. 



Choose Your Level:


LEVEL ONE - Start by equipping loudspeakers and subwoofers. Much of the benefit from the IVCM modules is realized at this stage.

LEVEL TWO - If your system uses a turntable source, equip the turntable directly with IVCM modules. If digital sourced, install IVCM modules on the DAC.

LEVEL THREE - Install IVCM modules on the equipment rack. This provides isolation for the rack and each device within the rack.

LEVEL FOUR - Install IVCM modules on the amplifier, preamplifier, and phonostage and power conditioner within the equipment rack. At this level full isolation of the entire system is achieved. A world class system is now in place.


 Fully Isolated Loudspeaker System

The GRAVITAS system is a world class full range mini monitor / subwoofer pair design. The system was designed to incorporate everything we have learned about the positive effects of TRUE ISOLATION as it applies to loudspeakers. Inquiries are welcome regarding producing a set of GRAVITAS loudspeakers for your listening room. Auditions are available by appointment at our company headquarters in Spokane Valley, WA. Call for an appointment anytime.

  • Sealed design cabinets with 1/2" thick aluminum
  • Integrated isolation stands for the monitors made of solid aluminum
  • Self powered subwoofer pairs for optimal in-room bass response
  • Your choice of finish colors
  • Installation and calibration of the speakers to your room is provided directly by Aluminous Audio


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