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CALIBRATION of the loudspeakers to your listening room is included with purchase. This setup process is critical for sound quality. Usually completed in one day or less. It CERTIFIES the performance of the entire system.



We design loudspeakers to make every listening session an emotionally connected, valuable and lasting experience. This is accomplished by attention to details in our designs that are often overlooked or not understood by traditional loudspeaker companies. The details are what makes our products exceptional. 

We are a unique company incorporating all of these points in our designs.

  • IVCM state of the art isolation floorstands. The IVCM system eliminates vibrations from travelling into the floorstand, and eliminates physical energy in the form of vibration being transmitted into the floor of the listening room. The IVCM system makes for the ultimate level of clarity.
  • Factory matched to the monitors, our subwoofers are designed for use in STEREO PAIRS(2) and DOUBLE STEREO PAIRS(4). The positive effects of multiple subwoofers are many, with one of the best features being smooth and powerful low frequency performance in nearly any shape or size of room. 
  • Three dimensional, precise imaging is made possible by the physically separate subwoofer pairs that are placed in the room for coherent TIME ALIGNMENT and REDUCTION OF STANDING WAVES.
  • Sonically inert cabinets by way of aluminum and other metals.
  • Cabinet dimensions are optimized for strength and sonic balance.
  • Massive, factory supplied stainless steel feet provide maximum vibration control.
  • Immaculate automotive paint finishes with customization available.





Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2016

Denver CO

With our friends Chibon and Michal from Mytek Digital. Also, a special thanks to Balanced Audio Technology and Shunyata Research.




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